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    1,100 MQLs, 120% increase in ROI

    " I really can’t recommend Web Insights enough. If you’re looking for a global leader in website visitor automation (that automates and integrates with CRM and martech solutions) — look no further. "

    — Annabel Saunders, Commercial Implementation Manager

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    The results

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    Marketing Qualified Leads

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    global locations

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    increase in ROI

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    Working with us

    "As project lead at Portakabin, I’m delighted with the seamless implementation of Web Insights and the tracking capabilities we now have in place for our website; we’re able to gather valuable data intelligence and deliver real-time reporting to all divisions.

    By working closely with us and understanding our complexities, Web Insights’ well-versed experts were able to put in place a solution that not only was relevant to each division across the UK, but which, since its implementation, has generated some fantastic results and ROI.

    As a result, we’ve now deployed the solution across our global sites and continue to work closely with the Web Insights team. They deliver customer service excellence, including training tailored and designed around the knowledge and capabilities of stakeholders within our business. As we’ve moved forward, we’ve seen key stakeholder requirements change as our environment changes. The Web Insights team has done brilliantly to move along with us; making intuitive and innovative suggestions and adapting the solution to reflect. "

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    " Web Insights delivers customer service excellence, including training, which is tailored and designed around the knowledge and capabilities of stakeholders within our teams. "

    — Annabel Saunders, Commercial Implementation Manager

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    About Portakabin

    Founded in 1961 by Donald Shepherd, Portakabin was an immediate success due to the uniqueness and innovation of its products, and so began its UK footprint and expansion into Europe in the 1970s gathering many awards along the way.

    As innovators in the science of building, Portakabin provides buildings for hire and sale, as well as supplying refurbished buildings and construction site accommodation. The company delivers building solutions for organisations of any size, in sectors ranging from manufacturing, education and health to transport, utilities and construction. Portakabin remains in the ownership of the York based Shepherd family and now employs more than 1,750 people across ten European countries.