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    Web Insights selected by BI WORLDWIDE to support and drive global expansion plans

    February 26, 2021 | 4 minutes

    Brought to you by, Owen Gaudion

    Nina Egan, Marketing Manager at BI WORLDWIDE says: “The team at Web Insights are great, they really took the time to understand our business and talk through options and solutions. No question or task is too big or too small.”

    The Challenge

    BI WORLDWIDE has big and exciting global growth plans!  The team at BI WORLDWIDE are experts in their field and have a desire to increase their footprint across an international landscape.  As a result, BI WORLDWIDE has fundamentally increased their investment in marketing activities to fuel their expansion plans.  As part of this, the team at BI WORLDWIDE were cognizant to the fact that they need to maximize all their marketing investments, ensuring the greatest ROI possible.  After careful consideration BI WORLDWIDE selected Web Insights as the perfect partner to help them to do just that.

    The Solution

    Web Insights provides BI WORLDWIDE with advanced website visitor identification solutions, enabling BI WORLDWIDE to have visibility of the opportunities being driven to their website from their enhanced marketing activities – enabling BI WORLDWIDE to effectively analyze the performance of each of their marketing tactics, as well identifying business opportunities that they would have otherwise not had visibility of.

    BI WORLDWIDE consulted with the team at Web Insights to understand how identified website visitors can and should be segmented, how the data can be enriched and then how to efficiently route the identified opportunities effectively around their different business divisions.

    The team at BI WORLDWIDE were keen to be able to capitalize on all identified website visitors, and therefore Web Insights worked with BI WORLDWIDE to create website visitor segments based upon:

    • Differing intent and buyer behaviors
    • Industry
    • Company size
    • Stage in the sales pipeline
    • Location

    The Web Insights technical team worked closely with BI WORLDWIDE to build integrated workflows directly into both Salesforce and Pardot – the existing CRM and MA systems used by BI WORLDWIDE.  The integrations ensure that the right opportunities are routed to the right teams within BI WORLDWIDE, in real-time, and with all the contact information that they need to start a pro-active sales conversation with highly qualified, whilst also further fueling BI WORLDWIDE’s marketing activities with high intent MQLs.

    Thanks to the advanced integrations, Web Insights works seamlessly in the background for BI WORLDWIDE to deliver high intent opportunities directly into the heart of the organization, enabling the different departments to capitalize on all opportunities whilst working within their existing systems ensuring maximum efficiency.

    Sophie Warren, Customer Success Manager at Web Insights says: “The team at BI WORLDWIDE have been excellent to work with. They have really embraced the concept of website visitor identification, and have really been able to see how, coupled with their growth marketing strategy, identifying their website visitors will really fuel their results. Web Insights has been fully integrated into two of their integral systems; Salesforce and Pardot, which will really give BI WORLDWIDE a completely frictionless experience, enabling their teams to have new opportunities delivered efficiently and effectively, and in real-time. We are really excited to see BI WORLDWIDE continue to expand, and we’re excited that Web Insights is able to be part of that success journey in supporting BI WORLDWIDE.


    BI WORLDWIDE is a multi-award winning, global performance improvement agency, specializing in sales and channel incentive solutions, Employee Engagement programs and Event Management. As a global performance improvement company, BI WORLDWIDE aim to inspire people, whether they are employees, sales or channel partners, and deliver amazing results for all their clients.

    Founded in 1950 by Guy Schoenecker, BI WORLDWIDE has grown into a global agency, with 19 offices throughout Australia, Canada, China, India, LATAM, Singapore, UK and the US.  With over 1,500 associates worldwide, BI WORLDWIDE deliver innovative solutions, grounded in the science of behavioral economics, on a global scale.

    Find out more: www.biworldwide.co.uk

    About Web Insights

    Web Insights is the industry leader in website visitor automation.  A leading provider of SaaS solutions specifically for the B2B sector.  Web Insights identifies website visitors in real-time, enriching the visitor information with firmographics and contact information from the world’s largest matched IP database.  Opportunities are instantaneously segmented and routed throughout our customer’s organizations via advanced integration capabilities, which creates a frictionless and real-time lead routing process.  Web Insights delivers high intent opportunities directly where they are needed throughout the business, all within a matter of seconds, enabling pro-active engagement right at the time when it is most relevant – whilst the visitor is still actively interested and viewing the website.  Web Insights has over 60,000 customers globally and contributes to over $1 billion in revenue uplift across our customer base every year.

    Meet the author

    Owen Gaudion

    Website Design & UX Specialist

    Owen has been in the industry since 2017 but his passion for web design and development started long before. He has been developing websites and helping businesses with their online presence since he was 16. Owen is a keen football fan and will travel the country to see his team play.