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Webinar: how to deliver successful personalized B2B buyer journeys at scale 

Understanding the B2B buyer's journey is vital to ensuring your organization's success. You’ll achieve this by mapping your customer’s needs and delivering results to move them from one stage of the buyer journey to the next… but how can you do this effectively at scale?

Join our panel of expert speakers as they discuss the key factors to ensure successful B2B buyer journeys at scale. These will include: 

  • How to map customer needs and create relevant buyer journeys 
  • How you can move customers along the stages of the buyer journey
  • Where you're likely to be losing customers 
  • Making it personal - at scale 
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“Web Insights has quickly slotted into our working practices, and with the continued support of our Key Account Manager we’re hoping to further maximize the benefits in the future.”

– Michael Classen | Virgin Experience Days 

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Web Insights is trusted by some of the world's biggest brands.

Web Insights is a highly-advanced Website Visitor Automation solution, which identifies your website visitors in real-time – and using intelligent automation algorithms, seamlessly routes the data straight in to your CRM system or marketing automation technology for nurture.

It generates enriched firmographics by recognizing the visitors' industry, turnover and location. And if you prefer, it will even show you a list of senior contacts at the organization to reach out to instead.

The tool integrates with martech automation solutions, including HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, and more. And CRM systems including Salesforce, Sugar and Dynamics.

It allows businesses to shorten the sales cycle, manage data and cleverly re-route leads, opportunities, prospects to the correct stakeholder across your business.

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