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    Over 1,000 opportunities, 268 MQLs, 32 SQLs, and 7 deals won

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    The results

    Stat Image 01 978

    new matched businesses

    Stat Image 02 268

    Marketing Qualified Leads

    Stat Image 03 32

    sales qualified opportunities

    Stat Image 04 7

    deals completed across products

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    The challenge

    Virgin Experience Days required a robust sales automation solution to help generate new leads, identify revenue opportunities and keep its pipeline full by capitalizing on increasing website traffic. This was vital as the events sector, and its potential business clients, faced uncertainty due to COVID-19 — even more so when the company’s marketing team was placed on furlough.

    The solution

    In just three months, Web Insights automatically revealed and routed almost 1,000 brand new website opportunities to the relevant stakeholders within the organization along with enriched firmographic and contact data — empowering the team to reach out instantly and, ultimately, leading to seven completed deals and a bounty of qualified, pipeline opportunities.

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    " Since bringing Web Insights onboard, we’ve managed to generate a sizeable new business pipeline and already closed three large opportunities, from our previously unknown website visitors. "

    — Michael Classen, Head of Business Development

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    About Virgin Experience Days

    Launched in 1988, Virgin Experience Days is the market leader in gift experiences. In line with the Virgin spirit of quality and innovation, Virgin Experience Days offers consumers unique, personal and exciting gift options.