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    The Technology Marketing Voice

    In our Technology Marketing Voice interview series, we speak to marketing experts about their experiences in the industry, challenges they’ve overcome and tips for fellow marketing professionals.

    Expert Interviews

    The next biggest thing for us as marketers is to dial into what the customer thinks, feels and does and take more control in researching when building marketing campaigns.

    — Amy Kelly, EMEA Marketing at UserTesting

    Marketers will need to get closer to their customers, which is based on the insights and strategy used to drive those interactions.

    — Michael McGoldrick, Senior Marketing Manager ABM (EMEA & APAC) at MRP

    Everything right now is forcing B2B marketers to pause, reset, rethink, really questioning deeply is the way we set up our teams, tools, and the tech we use and is it actually aligned with what our buyers expect these days.

    — Chris Wickson, General Manager at Integrate

    A big trend is around customer journey, what does it look like, and really mapping out something that is attractive to our buyers and very personalized, and I don’t think that many organizations have got it right yet.

    — Emma Acton, Vice President Global Field Marketing at TIBCO

    Businesses are going to have to stop becoming business orientated and they are going to have to be start becoming customer or client centric.

    — Beth Redpath, EMEA Marketing Lead at VMware

    Key Takeaways