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    Calling Policy

    Web Insights outbound Calling Policy

    Web Insights delivers engaged opportunities directly to your sales, marketing and account management teams — seamlessly and in real-time. Our intelligent solution plugs directly into your existing systems, facilitating the automated routing of your website visitor information throughout your business — enabling your business to capitalise on highly valuable opportunities when they are most engaged. Web Insights is committed to providing a high quality solution for all of our customers, potential customers and any other stakeholders who may receive a call from the team at Web Insights. As part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve our service, we may record calls made by members of the Web Insights team. Web Insights will not hide its identity when making external calls. Web Insights will not share, rent or sell any call recordings to third parties, nor will it share, rent or sell data relating to the telephone call to third parties. Web Insights may use call recording for the training and development of internal team members and for quality assessment of the calls. Calls are recorded for the protection of both the Web Insights employee and the customer. The aim is to improve the experience our customers and other stakeholders receive when receiving a call from Web Insights.

    Storage of call recorded data

    All call recordings are stored within our call recording systems located in the UK. Appropriate security measures are in place that meet the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations in regards to the protection of this data.

    TPS and CTPS

    All telephone numbers within the Web Insights CRM are checked against the TPS (Telephone preference service) and CTPS (Corporate telephone preference Service). Web Insights will not make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to any number that is registered on these lists.


    Call recordings are kept for a period of 12 months before complete erasure (subject to provider’s terms). The storage period has been considered in line with our customer retention to ensure that we have a comprehensive audit trail of correspondence between us and our customers throughout the lifetime of our agreements. This is to protect both the interests of our customers as well as those of Web Insights team members.

    Request for data and/or erasure of data

    Requests for call recordings can be made by calling us on 0207 206 7293 and asking to speak to our Data Compliance Team (Proof of identity will be requested before any data is shared). Alternatively, you can make a request by emailing data-compliance@webinsights.com. Please ensure you include the telephone number, date and approximate time the call took place. Requests for erasure of data should be submitted in writing and submitted by email to data-compliance@webinsights.com or by post to Web Insights, Building 3000, Lakeside, North Harbour, Portsmouth, PO6 3EN. The Web Insights Data Compliance Team will consider the reason(s) for the erasure request and will make a decision as to whether the request can be met or whether it cannot be met for reasons feasibly considered as essential for the retention of the data. If a request for erasure is denied by Web Insights under the belief that the data should be kept for good reason such as legal compliance, to uphold a contract or to protect one or more parties or participants, Web Insights will notify the supervisory authority of the decision to deny the request and provide reasons for doing so. Web Insights will review and either comply or deny within 30 days of receiving your request. This policy was last reviewed and updated on 09 June 2020. Policies are periodically reviewed to ensure compliance with the current compliance environment. For questions relating to this policy, please contact data-compliance@webinsights.com