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    Better ROI on PPC with Website Visitor Automation

    November 11, 2021 | 6 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising accounts for the largest ad share spend, and by 2022, this spend is projected to exceed $137 million, making it one of the top lead generation tools.

    This ad spend makes perfect sense, as, after all, PPC leads are triple qualified; someone searched for your keyword, clicked on the advert for your product or service, and spent time on either your landing page or website.  

    Common PPC Issues and the Rising Cost of Leads 

    Yet regardless of this, there are some common issues in PPC such as; visibility, cost-per-lead (CPL) or cost-per-click (CPC), bounce rate, conversion rate, and attribution. All of which have the potential to harm the return on investment. 

    These issues are amplified for enterprise organizations as the competition is fierce within industries, which increases the CPL. As a result, budgets can range from thousands to tens of thousands, if not more, and there is a continuous need to justify ad spend and achieve an ROI. 

    In addition to this, marketing budgets continue to experience austerity and budget cuts, yet the CPL will continue to rise, and by 2022 the average cost per lead will be:

    • $181 for search engine advertising
    • $82 for display advertising
    • $39 for retargeting advertising 


    That’s a lot of money, especially when you consider that you’re paying for every click, not just the clicks that convert. Worse yet, the average conversion rate across global campaigns is only 2%

    Using SaaS to Succeed

    So while PPC is great for driving new business opportunities, and with enterprise organizations having larger budgets for it, how can you ensure you get the best return on investment on these campaigns?

    Better yet, imagine having the ability to maximize ROI and pull the plug on campaigns that are wasting ad spend and be able to identify which channels are the most effective at bringing in target prospects. 

    It all sounds a little bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? But that’s the beauty of software like Web Insights, and really, the whole idea behind software and SaaS — it’s created to ensure that organizations succeed. 

    Optimizing Display and Search Advertising Visibility with Web Insights 

    Website visibility is the process of getting your website found on the internet when your prospects are searching for your related products and services.

     With Web Insights, you can: 

    • Leverage data collected to improve visibility 
    • Pull the plug on campaigns that are wasting ad spend
    • Ensure Google analytics filters are working and refine targeting 
    • Pivot online targeting if adverts aren’t performing well 
    • Track specific URL parameters and see which specific campaigns are driving IP matches 
    • See which channels are the most effective at bringing in target prospects

    Identifying Keywords with Web Insights 

    Keywords are essential to the success of any advert. But engines like Google want to increase user engagement, and user engagement rises with intent-based algorithms. As a result, engines will reward the marketers who best appeal to user intent rather than keyword stuffing.

    With Web Insights, you can gain total visibility on your keywords, enabling your marketing team to identify which ones are performing best and signaling intent, allowing advertising waste to be reduced.

    In addition to this, our software can provide an industry data report on keyword bidding, giving your team insight into your competitors. You can also download a list of keywords, enabling SEO efforts to be improved and retargeting campaigns to be optimized, once again also improving the intent signals. 

    Enable Marketing Attribution with Web Insights 

    An attribution model is a rule or set of rules that determine how sales and conversions are assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. 

    The first touch attribution model assigns 100% of the credit to the first marketing touchpoint. In contrast, the last-touch attribution model gives the conversion credit entirely to the final touchpoint where a lead is converted.

    Creating an effective PPC campaign is easiest when you have access to as much pertinent information as possible. With Web Insights, you can see every touchpoint. This data will give your marketing team complete insight and a 360-degree view into on-site behavior, which means data will automatically be quantitative and qualitative. 

    This view enables your team to identify what first-touch drives conversions and what the path to conversion is – the best of both. After all, a landing page is just as important as the campaign, and a great first and last experience will improve ROI on PPC campaigns. Plus, with all the insights collected along the way, your team will be able to personalize their interaction with relevant information to maximize these opportunities. 

    Turn Numbers into Names with Web Insights 

    PPC is an investment, and you want to get the best ROI possible. To do this successfully, you need reliable insight as the first step in creating campaigns. Analyzing where the traffic came from, what type of traffic it is, what channels facilitated this, what campaigns are driving results, what messaging is working; are all essential elements of a successful PPC campaign. 

    While Google Analytics enables this to a degree, you only have visibility on the numbers. With Web Insights, not only will you have complete visibility and insight on the numbers, but you will have company names, industry information, onsite behavior, automated reports, and much more. This also allows your campaigns and the leads they generate to start being defined by quality, instead of quantity. These quality leads can then be delivered to the relevant teams seamlessly and in real-time. You can also seamlessly move the leads who didn’t convert into your tech stack or automated workflow and down the sales funnel. 

    With Web Insights, you can:

    • Help reach missed sales options 
    • Identify conversation rate issues (UX, UI, business proposition, pricing)
    • Better measurement of campaigns 
    • Gaining total control and visibility on your adverts 
    • Build a winning PPC strategy by refining keywords and targeting
    • Maximize ROI and get the most out of advertising budgets
    • Identify leads and seamlessly move them into your tech stack 

    With our software, your enterprise can turn numbers into names that are tangible leads, and in doing so, reduce the cost per lead to maximize the ROI.

    The best way to learn about Web Insights is to take a look for yourself –  Book a demonstration today.

    Meet the author

    Rachel Dettmer

    Content Marketing Manager

    Rachel has over seven years of corporate and award-winning agency experience in marketing and content creation across multiple sectors.