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    Emerging trends in 2020: what should CMOs look out for?

    July 1, 2020 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Lilah Waite

    Emerging trends in 2020

    In the B2B world, it’s safe to say 2020 has been a year like no other. There is a lot that marketers can learn — and undoubtedly, there’s more to discover as we start making our way through H2. So far, we’ve seen an undeniable reliance on technology, with high-end software enabling marketers and sales teams alike to collaborate and drive businesses forward while working remotely. We’ve seen the demand for relevance — from account-based marketing to audience segmentation. We’ve seen shoppable posts, virtual and augmented reality, and interactive content. But, what’s next? What should CMOs be looking out for? And, what should you include in your updated strategy?

    Prepare for video-first marketing

    Video is dynamic, digestible and engaging — the perfect medium to reach busy decision-makers who don’t have time for long-read articles — all while appealing to a younger audience of B2B buyers who grew up with video as the norm. When it comes to developing a strategy that puts video first, you’ll have to review your existing resources and prepare to shift your priorities. From educational videos, like webinars and tutorials, to on-site video for product demonstrations and on-boarding, to short social videos that lead potential buyers back to your site — video presents the opportunity to maximize results and creatively enhance your strategy.

    Integrated technology for the ‘holistic’ customer journey 

    Your buyer doesn’t care whether they’re talking to marketing, sales or customer service. They care that they’re receiving an experience that is easy, informative and delightful when they speak to your business. A holistic view of the customer journey, that sees collaborative efforts and streamlined departments, is vital to establishing a truly customer-obsessed culture. As the CMO, or any member of senior leadership, it is up to you to set the precedent — by eliminating unhelpful cross-department competition or misunderstanding, aligning business goals with customer goals, encouraging accountability, and putting the buyer firmly at the center of your business strategy.

    Real-time data: immediacy culture and agile marketing

    Data is at the very core of delivering exceptional results. Be smart with your approach — how can you access high-value data in-real time? What do you intend to do with your data? And, how will you harness it quickly to fuel multiple, simultaneously running campaigns? Employing immediacy is all about rooting your business in customer-centricity, ensuring that instant communications are the highest priority across your business. Agile marketing, however, is a volume-first approach to solving problems and driving better results in real-time — developing new ideas fast, executing campaigns at scale, testing and optimizing results to deliver success quickly, efficiently and regularly.

    Agility and immediacy work together harmoniously to create a utopia for customers — with only the most successful campaigns making the cut based on high-value data, and extremely relevant and timely communications bettering your customer relationships. Think about your own experience as a buyer. We want solutions, quickly. We want relevance, instantly. And we want simplicity, always. By focusing on your customers across your strategically aligned business functions, prioritizing immediate responses, and using accurate data to make marketing, sales and product-based decisions, you are in the powerful position of beating your competitors to the win — each and every time.

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    Meet the author

    Lilah Waite

    Group Chief Marketing Officer

    Lilah is a B2B SaaS CMO with more than eighteen years experience in the industry, passionate about all things data-driven marketing, customer-obsession and automation. She's a proud mum to a baby girl and two dogs.