Henry Vaughan excels as Enterprise Sales Consultant
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    Henry Vaughan excels as Enterprise Sales Consultant at Web Insights

    October 26, 2020 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Henry joined the growing Web Insights team in August 2020 after spending the best part of a decade working at MarketMakers — an award-winning B2B telemarketing agency. Henry began his career with the company in 2013, working as an Account Manager and quickly being promoted to Senior Account Manager. He then spent three years working as New Client Director, helping support prospective and new clients in sales and growth, before heading up the New Business division for two years from 2018.

    Henry’s extensive experience working client-side in a fast-paced, industry-leading telemarketing agency helped land him the exciting role at Web Insights.

    Henry is working alongside Tom James, Managing Director at Web Insights, and his team, to showcase the power of website visitor automation technology to large-scale Enterprise organizations that will benefit from automated lead generation — and help grow the Web Insights client base on a global scale.

    Web Insights is a global leader in website visitor automation technology, providing Enterprise organizations across the world with advanced, automated lead generation and routing, high-value website visitor data, integration capabilities and more — all in real-time. Among its impressive roster of big-name Enterprise clients are household names including FedEx, Barclays and TomTom.

    Henry said: “I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Web Insights. If my first few months are anything to go by, I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career within this growing brand.”

    He added: “The power of the Web Insights technology is clear — and helping to grow the already impressive client-base and educating the B2B Enterprise market on this innovative solution is an exciting new challenge.”

    We’re thrilled to have Henry join the fast-paced team of world-class B2B professionals at Web Insights and look forward to seeing what’s in store for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. For the latest business news, articles, and valuable industry insight, discover more from the Web Insights Newsroom and Learning Center.

    Web Insights cuts out the noise to deliver insight to B2B organizations, precisely where and when it’s required. Our high-end software solution is a world-class business growth enabler, assisting brands to become more efficient and effective, capitalizing on every website opportunity in real-time. The technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes them to the relevant person within your business through powerful integration into your CRM instance or martech stack — the ultimate solution for marketers looking to optimize lead generation, embrace automation, and do so without disrupting busy, high-performing Enterprise teams. Automated, intelligent lead generation, immediate website visitor insight, and seamless integration — every time.

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