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    Human to human experiences: the key to effective B2B marketing

    July 8, 2020 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Lilah Waite

    As B2B professionals, we live and breathe business. In fact, it can be easy to overlook the people behind the organization when it comes to winning new clients, delivering great customer experience, and achieving great results. For too long, business leaders have focused on being professional, formal and seeking perfection. But, it’s time to alter the view you have of your clients, prospects and potential buyers. Yes, they may be decision-makers at Enterprise-level organizations or key influencers in B2B buying decisions — but what else? Who are they before they enter ‘work mode’ or log-in to their email accounts — when they’re making breakfast, reading the news, or winding down for the weekend? For the most impactful marketing results, the most mutually beneficial customer relationships and the quickest sales wins, adopting a ‘person first’ approach is vital.

    Finding your authentic voice to build relationships

    When developing your brand’s voice, there are a number of things to consider. Even when your customers are businesses — it’s the people behind those businesses that are reading your content and engaging with your key messages. And, it should be consistently delightful throughout every department across your organization. So, it’s important to establish a tone of voice that resonates with them on a personal, ‘human to human’ level — and that includes identifying the mediums they prefer, channels they spend time on, and the language and imagery that will capture their attention from the first touchpoint, throughout their buyer journey and beyond to foster customer loyalty.

    Technology: can it really make your business more human?

    The simple answer is yes — software plays a crucial part in helping your team deliver relevant, timely and human communications. In fact, close to 60% of businesses say leveraging digital technologies is critical to what they do, according to Advance 2000. Use technology to free up time from customer-facing teams, like support or customer service, for example, to enable them to send consistent and tailored content. Think about what would benefit your decision-makers — not necessarily as a potential customer, but as a working human. Chatbots make communication instant; automated on-site form-fills remove the need for repetitive data input; personalized email blasts differentiate useful content from spam and detailed analytics and insight can help B2B professionals make data-driven decisions, always opting for the best customer experience.

    Integration for a seamless experience 

    Consider the journey your buyers go on when deciding to purchase your product or service. According to Google Research, 98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day — and today, consumers use as many as six touch-points when buying a product, according to Marketing Week. So, your strategy needs to cater to this new but entirely human experience of making purchases or buying decisions online — spanning multiple channels, devices, decision-makers and more. When it comes to selecting SaaS solutions for your B2B organization, ensuring they work together in harmony should be at the top of your criteria. Develop a holistic view of the customer journey, ensure optimization across all technology and, most importantly, put improving experiences for ‘people’ at the center of your digital strategy.

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    Meet the author

    Lilah Waite

    Group Chief Marketing Officer

    Lilah is a B2B SaaS CMO with more than eighteen years experience in the industry, passionate about all things data-driven marketing, customer-obsession and automation. She's a proud mum to a baby girl and two dogs.