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    MPA secures 720% ROI with Web Insights

    February 5, 2021 | 2 minutes

    Brought to you by, Sian Cooper

    MPA is a professional services business that specializes in all aspects of innovation. Utilizing expertise and experience, MPA provides everyday business needs, including accounts, logistics, recruitment, payroll, and dealing with HMRC.

    Founded in 2007 by Michael Price, MPA is now one of the leading companies providing R&D tax credits; and diversifying to offer support across all aspects of business innovation.

    As part of MPA’s retention strategy, Web Insights allows the company’s client services team to review existing customers’ online behaviors. The team can see how they maneuver across our website, how they engage with content, providing the intel and foresight needed to capitalize on any cross-sell or upsell opportunity – maximizing their efforts to retain customers.

    “Our business strategy focuses on three key business areas – retention, growth, and cost control. And with this, Web Insights plays a vital role.” — Lucy Sanderson, Marketing Executive

    MPA routes data intel captured by Web Insights straight to the sales teams via a seamless integration into their CRM and martech platforms. In turn, this allows the team to generate new pipeline and revenue. The company’s sales teams reach out in real-time, can add website visitors to a nurture or inbound workflow, or instantly engage with a follow-up communication or meeting request.

    Web Insights enables MPA to review the effectiveness and relevance of paid advertising and marketing campaigns. The business can analyze, maneuver, and leverage spend in better ways across these campaigns or the business; something the team has not been able to do before. Web Insights has enabled MPA to be more efficient with marketing outlay.

    Web Insights is a highly advanced website visitor automation solution that empowers technology and SaaS marketers to harness the power and potential of their website data. Using intelligent automation algorithms, the solution seamlessly routes website visitor intel across the business. It integrates with any CRM system or marketing technology stack for nurture, while simultaneously identifying whether they are a lead, existing customer, or lapsed customer.

    The powerful solution enables B2B marketers to shorten sales cycles, create outstanding customer journeys, manage data, set up stakeholder alerts, and capitalize on every lead, opportunity, and prospect – in real-time.

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