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    Uplifting your sales results with more effective cold calling

    June 3, 2021 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Cold calling has been around for almost 150 years, and even though the buying process has dramatically changed since then, there is a reason why it still exists in the modern world – it works. 

    Here are some tips to improve your cold calling rate and generate new business:

    • Define your teams’ objectives and ensure they have CTAs for each call. 
    • Identify an ideal customer profile and build a targeted prospect list.
    • Look for triggers such as new funding, sector announcements, events, or new starters.
    • Make sure your team knows three things about their potential prospects.
    • Likewise, make sure your team has three general industry or business facts to hand to lean on during calls if the conversation starts to slow down.
    • Develop a disruptive, compelling, and emotional message.
    • Establish a framework, not a script. Encourage your team to steer the conversation and get them prepared for objections or questions that might be asked. Remember, objections aren’t always a bad thing, they mean the prospect is engaged and considering the product.
    • Make sure your team is asking the right questions, listening, and adding value. By guiding, offering advice, and helping prospects, your team will close more sales.
    • Your team needs to be prepared to leave a voicemail.
    • Sales software, such as website visitor automation, can help your team sell more and will give your company a competitive edge.
    • Your teams’ tone of voice matters, 93% of potential cold call success is attributed to the tone of the caller’s voice during the conversation.
    • Lastly, following up with cold calls within an hour of them becoming qualified will improve the response time by 450% and further help you to improve your success rate. 

    If utilized correctly, cold calling can be one of the most powerful tools to acquire new prospects in the B2B sales arena.

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    Meet the author

    Rachel Dettmer

    Content Marketing Manager

    Rachel has over seven years of corporate and award-winning agency experience in marketing and content creation across multiple sectors.