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    Using Web Insights to Enhance the Success of B2B Sales Teams

    November 1, 2021 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Changing buyer behavior, long and complex sales cycles, an increasing number of stakeholders — chances are you’ve heard this all before when it comes to the B2B sales process. 

    In our previous blog, Setting your B2B Sales Team up for Success, we discussed and suggested a few things that Sales Leaders can do to enable success for their team. This blog will discuss how utilizing innovative software will set your team apart and fuel their sales efforts.

    Shorten the sales cycle 

    A B2B sales cycle could last anywhere between weeks, months, or even years. So, how can you shorten the sales cycle for your team? 

    One way is to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks that harm your team’s productivity. With Web Insights, you easily add contact details, set callbacks, schedule appointments, and keep track of notes, quotes, and proposals at every customer journey stage. 

    In addition to this, your sales team will have the ability to identify and track prospects on your enterprises’ website. You can also set up real-time alerts that notify key team players and summarize the on-site activity.

    Lastly, these detailed analytics will also help to identify all the key decision-makers.

    Effectively Align Sales and Marketing 

    Sales and marketing alignment is potentially the most significant opportunity for improving business performance today. When these departments are aligned, they can improve marketing return on investment (ROI), sales productivity, and, most importantly, top-line growth.

    Equally, when sales and marketing teams are not aligned with the type of leads that should be coming in and don’t have collective goals, it can be detrimental to the entire enterprise. 

    Software, such as Web Insights, will enable your team to quickly identify the highest-performing channels and monitor the performance of each, as well as efficiently manage the pipeline. This data will also ensure that these departments are speedily and effortlessly aligned. 

    Build a winning Tech Stack 

    SaaS tools exist to support just about every business function, and investment in these tools is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity. 

    The right tech stack will be the difference between average-performing teams and exceptionally performing teams. Tech can help your sales team keep track of leads, automate outreach and maximize productivity. 

    Streamlining these activities will make teams more effective and efficient, helping them to close more deals and deliver results for your enterprise. 

    Seamless CRM integration 

    By intelligently storing and managing your customers’ data, a CRM system increases lead volume and will help sales teams in closing more deals faster. It’s an invaluable asset that provides a single view of any prospect and customer. 

    Imagine supercharging your CRM with a data source such as Web Insights that seamlessly integrated, optimized, and automated the sales process? 


    For sales leaders, investing in your team will increase sales and improve your growth strategy. However, there will also be a focus on achieving the highest possible return on the time and energy invested. Giving your team valuable resources to shorten, align, simplify, and integrate each stage of your sales process. This will allow for any sales strategy to be executed efficiently and give your enterprise a competitive edge while achieving maximum ROI. 

    Web Insights’ technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes them to the relevant person within your business — the ultimate solution for sales leaders looking to optimize lead generation, embrace automation, and do so without disrupting busy, high-performing enterprise teams. Automated, intelligent lead generation, immediate website visitor insight, and seamless integration — every time.

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