Web Insights - a crucial part of Travelers’ business strategy
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    Web Insights – a crucial part of Travelers’ business strategy

    December 11, 2020 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Sian Cooper

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    Travelers, one of the world’s leading commercial property and casualty insurers, deploys Web Insights across their business in a move to build customer loyalty and grow sales.

    Specializing in several business sectors, Travelers has approximately 30,000 employees and 13,500 independent agents and brokers worldwide. It required an intuitive, smarter solution to allow them to support their teams across the globe and help deliver business success.

    Ian Gandy, Head of Digital and User Experience at Travelers, said, “Travelers business strategy focuses on growing existing broker accounts and capitalizing on new brokers coming to the market. Today, Web Insights sits firmly within that strategy.”

    “By implementing Web Insights, Travelers can now make informed data-driven decisions, something we have never been able to do previously. Our distribution network relies heavily on data intelligence and reporting. Web Insights allows us to deliver just that.”

    While the Travelers team was aware of website visitor tracking, they had a limited understanding of website visitor automation. Existing tools demonstrated a lack of value and data extracted had to be handled and analyzed in a very manual way, in turn affecting how intel and business opportunities were shared with internal stakeholders.

    Since implementing Web Insights, Travelers can swiftly capitalize on every opportunity, and recognize whether visitors are existing customers, new business leads, or lapsed clients. The team uses Web Insights to generate website visitor intel and automate the flow of this data intelligence into their martech and CRM solutions, and share the insight with senior stakeholders and regional leaders. The seamless integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables the company to automate campaigns and communicate with end-users, with no need for manual intervention. Email communication is then sent based on online visitor behavior and includes the right message, in the right tone, delivered in real-time.

    With Web Insights, Travelers can now communicate with potential leads, capitalize on opportunities in real-time, and generate regular broker reporting to share data insight with senior leaders across the business with confidence, something the team was unable to do before.

    Gandy continues:

    “The need for us to shift, like most businesses, towards a digital strategy means better understanding and capturing website data intel. With Web Insights, we can now route that intel across our stakeholders and teams and seamlessly automate any interaction with these visitors – allowing us to think and behave much more strategically.”

    Web Insights is a highly advanced website visitor automation solution that empowers technology and SaaS marketers to harness the power and potential of their website data. Using intelligent automation algorithms, the solution seamlessly routes website visitor intel across the business and integrates with any CRM system or marketing technology stack for nurture, while simultaneously identifying whether they are a lead, existing customer or lapsed customer.

    The powerful solution integrates with all martech automation and CRM platforms, enabling B2B marketers to shorten sales cycles, create outstanding customer journeys, manage data, set up stakeholder alerts, and capitalize on every lead, every opportunity, and prospect – in real-time.

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