The secret to thriving in the new marketing landscape - Highlights
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    The secret to thriving in the new marketing landscape – highlights from our panel of experts

    March 5, 2021 | 5 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    In the ever-changing marketing landscape, we’re all looking for the key to delivering success — that hidden tactic or secret tip that will catapult us towards the very best results. In our first webinar of 2021 — alongside host Christoph Trappe and a panel of marketing leaders — that’s exactly what we discussed.

    For those of you that missed it, or simply want a recap, we’ve taken the liberty of pulling together the highlights. Remember, you can watch on-demand, too.

    Meet the panel:

    • Christoph Trappe (host) is an Author and Global Podcaster.
    • Christa Norton is the Head of Industry and ABM at Capita.
    • Darrell Alfonso is the Global Marketing Operations Manager at Amazon Web Services.
    • Mark Baker is the ex-Head of Marketing Operations at Oracle.
    • Amy Kelly is the Director, EMEA Marketing at UserTesting, and has previously worked with Facebook, YouTube, and ITV.
    • Lilah Waite is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Web Insights, the world-leading website visitor automation software for B2B Enterprise organizations.

    The highlights

    1. Covid-19: creating challenges and opportunities

    The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a number of challenges and opportunities for marketers, including the need for more empathy, tolerance, humanization, trial and error, and a brand new attitude approach.

    “We’ve realized that our marketing is an intrusion. We need to engage and be relevant, without just communicating for the sake of it, and be respectful of the new boundaries and changes from the pandemic.” – Christa Norton, Capita.

    And, for our expert panel, a much more agile working environment could be here to stay — with increased flexibility, balance, and the ability to recruit regardless of geography.

    “Moving forward, some people will thrive in an office environment, some hybrid, and some who work from home all the time. We need to empower our teams to be as effective at home as they can in the office. That’s how we navigate as we move forward. I have 84 people in my team, and it’s my job to ensure we can appeal to their preferences and work effectively and constructively in terms of the business.” – Lilah Waite, Web Insights

    2. Performing in the new marketing environment

    Driving leads, interest and results are all crucial to great performance. But how do we do that in the new environment? For the panel, scaling ABM, digital marketing, relevance and personalization, and the quality and caliber of relationships are all vital.

    “Trying to do ABM without being hand-in-hand with sales is impossible. You’re reliant on their knowledge and insight, what’s going on, and who the right people are so you can market to them effectively.” – Mark Baker, ex-Oracle

    When it comes to aligning to demand generation priorities and budgets, it all depends on what the data shows, and what the brand’s priorities are.

    “I came from Facebook where I’d never had to worry about generating leads. We were entering a new market, had to do so respectfully, and build a positive reputation. It’s about how to align with sales, show that there’s regular activity and value-led content, but also creating a return. It comes down to the content you’re creating, and how you’re going to optimize that. It depends where your audience is.” – Amy Kelly, UserTesting

    “Marketing has to understand ideal customer profiles. And then, marketing has to deliver those opportunities. It’ll be the right customer fit, right for the business, and then they’ll retain. But it’s also understanding conversions. If you think about the marketing investment spent to generate opportunties, converting them into sales opportunities is really important.” – Lilah Waite, CMO, Web Insights

    3. Driving traffic and engaging visitors

    As for driving people to your site, there are a number of tactics that the panel found to work; through a combination of thought-leadership, emotional engagement and delivering value through content and experiences. And once a visitor has landed, it’s all about real-time engagement, relationship nurture, and getting an understanding of who is exploring your website. Remember, the quality of your automated chatbot matters!

    “Marketers don’t always think of the marketing experiences they’re building in the way they think of marketing experiences themselves. It’s like proposing on the first date. They’ve downloaded a document, so they must be interested and ready-to-buy. If you propose on the first date, you’re probably not getting then second.” – Mark Baker, ex-Oracle

    And when it comes to online events, how are they working for the panel? It’s all about the value exchange, the outcomes, and connecting with the right people.

    “People are networking on the side, talking and having debates outside of the webinar… that’s the closest we’re going to get to organic, authentic conversation, There’s something about leveraging the community and elevating the thought-leaders within that community. They’ll also bring their audiences and it’ll help spark the conversation.” – Darrell Alfonso, Amazon

    You can watch The Secret to Thriving in the New Marketing Landscape on-demand here.

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    Meet the author

    Rachel Dettmer

    Content Marketing Manager

    Rachel has over seven years of corporate and award-winning agency experience in marketing and content creation across multiple sectors.