Virgin Experience Days and Web Insights - a match made in automation
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    Virgin Experience Days and Web Insights – a match made in automation

    November 19, 2020 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Virgin Experiences

    Marketers around the world are using Web Insights to change the way they work.

    Virgin Experience Days, a leader in gift experiences, uses Web Insights technology to support its growth plans.

    Michael Classen, Head of Business Development at Virgin Experience Days, highlighted the ongoing challenge of developing leads and opportunities, and sustaining pipeline.

    Today, Web Insights slots firmly into Virgin Experience Days’ marketing practices. It seamlessly integrates with the company’s CRM and martech to identify and capture website visitor intel and routes that data across the business for real-time engagement.

    The solution provides Michael and his team with a steady flow of brand-new leads and revenue opportunities; the powerful technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes that data intel into their CRM or martech stack. Simultaneously, using super-smart algorithms, Web Insights immediately recognizes whether they are an existing customer, a prospect in-play, or a lapsed customer — capitalizing on every website opportunity in real-time.

    Classen said, “Since bringing Web Insights onboard, we’ve managed to generate a sizeable new business pipeline and have already closed three large opportunities from our previously unknown website visitors.”

    With client priorities changing and events getting cancelled, maximizing existing touchpoints was a key priority. And where better to start than the website? Traffic increased due to an apparent digital and online shift, meaning Virgin Experience Days required a robust sales automation solution to generate new leads, identify revenue opportunities, and keep its pipeline full by capitalizing on increasing website traffic.

    Web Insights uses intelligent integration to look up each business that visits your website and validates its relationship with your organization, identifying whether the visitor is an existing customer, a lead in-play, or a brand-new opportunity. Automation then enables the software to route the intel to the most relevant person in your business, automatically and in real-time. The right opportunities, routed to the right people, at just the right time — whether that be into your CRM and MA systems for automated lead nurture, to an account manager for effective upselling and extraordinary customer service; or to a relevant sales representative to work a hot lead.

    In just three months, via a sophisticated integration into their CRM instance and mar-tech stack, Virgin Experience Days saw almost 1,000 brand new website opportunities delivered instantly to the relevant stakeholders within the organization. This was provided along with enriched firmographic and contact data — empowering the team to reach out instantly and, ultimately, leading to seven completed deals and a bounty of qualified, pipeline opportunities.

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