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    Web Insights delivers hyperfast engagement for Fluid Branding

    January 12, 2021 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Sian Cooper

    Fluid Branding is a high-quality promotional merchandise vendor, committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, driven by innovation, education, relevance and quality. The brand aims to make a lasting, meaningful impression for the clients it works with in an environmentally responsible way.

    The goal at Fluid Branding is to generate more sales revenue and create personalized, relevant experiences across each Use Case. In just eight months as a Web Insights customer, Fluid Branding has realized ROI and is focused on continuing to grow its market share.

    “By using Web Insights, the sales team can engage with their prospects and existing accounts visiting the website faster than ever before. And, with 84% of B2B buyers purchasing from the first business they engage with, this has a very positive impact on the bottom line.” — Eric Bendelow, People Operations

    The promotional products industry is a competitive one, with the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) predicting continuous growth from large players that provide a fast, painless, accessible solution for clients online. To remain competitive and retain an impressive client list, including American Airlines, Google and Sky — Fluid Branding needed a solution that enabled them to capitalize on all traffic visiting its website; not just those that make contact.

    Fluid Branding uses Web Insights to create bespoke workflows for each of its Use Cases, focusing predominantly on new and repeat business opportunities. The company’s sales and account management team of over 60 people receive real-time data notifications when prospects and existing customers visit the website but don’t inquire. Not only do they react quickly to the intelligent data gathered from Web Insights, they also personalize these interactions, ensuring they are always relevant; and with the right person.

    “Web Insights is a great tool for Fluid Branding, capturing excellent data into how our current and future clients interact with our website. We have received a first-class service from our account manager in regards to employee training and data management.” — Eric Bendelow, People Operations

    Web Insights is a highly advanced website visitor automation solution that empowers technology and SaaS marketers to harness the power and potential of their website data. Using intelligent automation algorithms, the solution seamlessly routes website visitor intel across the business and integrates with any CRM system or marketing technology stack for nurture, while simultaneously identifying whether they are a lead, existing customer or lapsed customer.

    The powerful solution integrates with all martech automation and CRM platforms, enabling B2B marketers to shorten sales cycles, create outstanding customer journeys, manage data, set up stakeholder alerts, and capitalize on every lead, every opportunity, and prospect – in real-time.

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