Web Insights helps Basware initiate conversations with target businesses
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    Web Insights helps Basware initiate conversations with target businesses

    April 12, 2021 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Basware is an award-winning cloud-based purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions software company. Basware enables businesses worldwide to reduce costs, manage their spending, and forecast growth. The company’s impressive client base includes DHL, Carlsberg Group, McDonald’s, Panasonic, and Toyota, and they operate the world’s largest open business network.

    Founded in 1985 in Finland, Basware has over 20 offices worldwide and empowers its customers to simplify their operations, maximize efficiency, and spend smarter.

    “The Web Insights tool seamlessly integrates into our existing platforms, and initial set up and deployment was straight forward too. It’s highly cost-effective and delivers key information that helps influence our qualification and customer support approach. The ability to upload lists into the Web Insights solution and create notifications for individuals across the floor has been fundamental for us to adopt globally at speed.” — Matt Danson, VP Martech and Digital Operations

    Basware historically relied on inbound organic conversions via the website to initiate the qualification and sales process. Over the last two years, driven by more complex buyer journeys and the need to win entire organization buy-in for projects, Basware saw a change in user behavior that resulted in the need to build a more sophisticated way of generating leads at the organizational level.

    “Our data intel has grown substantially, allowing us to manage communications via our marketing automation intelligently; as well as realign approach and planning to be more strategic.” — Matt Danson, VP Martech and Digital Operations

    Basware understands its audience — ideal customer profiles, target businesses, and the need to identify key personas. Today, Basware uses website visitor intel to initiate conversations with target businesses and key personas — in real-time. By uploading target account lists into the Web Insights solution and seamlessly integrating with their marketing automation solution, Basware’s sales and marketing activity is now coordinated via a single platform — where campaigns are triggered, and insight is shared with multiple business stakeholders.

    The Web Insights custom built integration identifies target accounts and creates a look-a-like Ideal Customer Profile based on critical attributes. Additionally, feed session data and firmographics are captured and sent directly into the company’s marketing automation portal. A trigger then alerts Business Development representatives when one of these target companies is active on the website — all in real-time.

    Web Insights is a highly intelligent website visitor automation solution. The software empowers technology and SaaS marketers to boost MQLs and SQLs through super-smart automation and integration capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with your existing mar-tech stack or CRM; you can even route leads and opportunities directly to a stakeholder across your business. It allows you to add contacts to workflows for instant communication or nurture. And turn website visitors into leads at every stage of the funnel for ultimate business success.

    Generate MQLs and SQLs, engage in real-time, close more business than ever before, and accelerate business success with Web Insights.

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