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    Web Insights helps Kinaxia close substantial business

    February 12, 2021 | 2 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Kinaxia is a leading Logistics Group that operates in the UK haulage and warehouse sector. The company was formed in 2012 by Peter Fields and Graham Norfolk, and has since acquisired of Bay Freight Limited, and a total of 11 companies since, including David Hathaway Transport Ltd.

    Kinaxia’s vision is to build a flexible and efficient, service-focused transport and warehousing group through investment in, and partnership with, medium-sized, profitable, growing,  privately-owned businesses across the UK.

    ‘Within a few weeks of working with Web Insights we closed a substantial business win using data intelligence gathered by the solution.’– Vanessa Hope, Group Sales and Marketing Director

    Kinaxia focuses on creating a multi-disciplined group of privately-owned companies that combine to deliver a world-class service. The team wanted to ensure all companies form a family, all with the same core purpose of increasing efficiency and enriching customer service. To capitalize on every business opportunity and help grow this family, Kinaxia required a solution that enabled the team to identify every website visitor; and turn them into partners.

    ‘’We’re delighted to have added Web Insights to our sales and marketing toolkit.’’ – Vanessa Hope, Group Sales and Marketing Director

    Web Insights is a highly intelligent website visitor automation solution. The software empowers technology and SaaS marketers to boost MQLs and SQLs through super-smart automation and integration capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with your existing mar-tech stack or CRM; you can even route leads and opportunities directly to a stakeholder across your business. It allows you to add contacts to workflows for instant communication or nurture. And turn website visitors into leads at every stage of the funnel for ultimate business success.

    Generate MQLs and SQLs, engage in real-time, close more business than ever before, and accelerate business success with Web Insights.

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