Three ways your sales team can optimize time to drive results
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    Three ways your sales team can optimize time to drive results

    April 12, 2021 | 4 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    “Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.” – Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator and author

    No revenue-driven business wants to waste time, budget or resources. It’s the first step to ensuring efficiency and driving success. When it comes to your sales team, your sales representatives spend 64% of their time not selling. From administrative tasks to dealing with data, that’s a lot of hours spent on tasks that don’t drive revenue. For Enterprise sales teams, we understand that every minute matters — so, we’ve identified three critical ways your sales team can optimize time, and ultimately drive better results.

    1. Aligning strategies and goals with marketing

    Sales and marketing departments are famously misaligned. A lack of communication, synchronization and even a misunderstanding of each other’s roles are often at the root of this. In fact, as many as 7% of sales are lost due to misaligned strategies. While your KPIs may be different, your underlying goals should be the same. Are you customer-obsessed? Is real-time engagement crucial to your strategy? Do you want to improve conversion-rates at every stage of the pipeline? Remember, your customers and prospects don’t see you as multiple departments: they see you as one business. Develop a holistic view of the buyer journey and recognize that the average buyer is already 57% sure of their purchase before getting in touch with a sales rep.

    2. Using insight and conducting research

    Accurate, intelligent data is the key to unlocking a number of opportunities for your business. From getting to know your customers and targeting the right businesses to delivering personalized experiences and tailoring your sales pitch, there are a number of business benefits to conducting research and gaining critical insight. There is a whole world of data at your fingertips: from website analytics and buyer intent data to first-hand research through social media and company websites. Don’t waste your prospect’s time pitching to the wrong people, asking questions you can find the answer to, and using the same tired sales pitch. Instead, impress them with a tailored approach and provide a solution to their problem specifically.

    3. Discover automation to drive efficiency at scale

    Automation can mean a lot of different things to different businesses, but ultimately, it’s all about optimizing processes and increasing efficiency. If your sales team spends substantial time undertaking administrative tasks or manually inputting data, automation can save you hordes of valuable time and resources. According to Social Media Today, 75% of businesses use at least one kind of automation tool. Speed up processes, gain valuable data, and eliminate human error and the need for manual intervention with intelligent automation tools to free up your sales team’s time, and give them more time to work on selling your product or service.

    Website visitor automation, for example, streamlines the lead management process and alerts sales representatives in real-time when an existing prospect lands on the company’s site. Through intelligent integration, this data intel is then instantly routed to the right person in the team; with no need for manual intervention.

    Web Insights cuts out the noise to deliver insight to B2B organizations, precisely where and when it’s required. Our high-end software solution is a world-class business growth enabler, assisting brands to become more efficient and effective, capitalizing on every website opportunity in real-time.

    The technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes them to the relevant person within your business — the ultimate solution for marketers looking to optimize lead generation, embrace automation, and do so without disrupting busy, high-performing enterprise teams. Automated, intelligent lead generation, immediate website visitor insight and seamless integration — every time.

    Meet the author

    Rachel Dettmer

    Content Marketing Manager

    Rachel has over seven years of corporate and award-winning agency experience in marketing and content creation across multiple sectors.