Capture visitors, enhance customer journeys, and engage in real-time
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    Automation: capture website visitors, enhance customer journeys, and engage in real-time

    January 28, 2021 | 4 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    With customer expectations at an all-time high and a highly saturated competitor market, getting in front of prospects and clients faster than ever before has never been more crucial. To stand out and lead the market, you need a robust, intelligent automation solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

    Increase your MQLs through untapped touch-points

    Your business website is your shop window. Every visitor that lands on it is a potential lead. Through super-smart tech and automation capabilities, you can convert your web visitors into paying customers.

    The ability to automatically identify website visitors in real-time and at scale is just one of the many brilliant automation software benefits. The most intelligent solutions will route web data intel directly into your CRM or martech stack and even alert a salesperson to follow up a web visitor in real-time, even if they are still browsing your site.

    Increasing the flow of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into your business is fundamental to generating revenue. And with this, automation technology not only drives MQLs and SQLs but improves customer experience and engagement.

    Capture existing customers browsing your site in real-time

    Almost a third of your website traffic is your existing customers — and, according to Forbes, it costs five times less to keep these customers than it does to acquire new ones. Developing high-quality customer relationships is vital to retaining clients, maximizing their value, and reducing your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

    For Enterprise businesses that see large volumes of website traffic, customer experience should be a key focus — and automation plays a significant role. For example, website visitor automation identifies when an existing customer is exploring your site — and provides details of their on-site journey and behavior to the relevant stakeholder within your team. Use that insight to start real-time conversations, impress existing customers with unbeatable service, and identify opportunities to upsell in an instant.

    Empower your team with real-time engagement capabilities

    In 2021, it’s safe to say buyer patience is wearing thin — purchases can be made in seconds, and more choice and availability out there than ever before. You need to communicate with potential customers instantly before they get to someone else. According to Drift, only 7% of professionals achieve an average lead response time of fewer than 5 minutes. 

    Enabling your team to reach out in real-time will ensure you beat your competitors to the finish line. That’s where automation comes in: intelligent insight, enriched data, and relevant visitor information delivered to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

    Transform lapsed opportunities into loyal customers

    According to Marketing Metrics, lapsed customers have a 20-40% probability of buying from you again than new prospects at just 5-20%. So, instead of focusing solely on new lead generation, you should be identifying and re-engaging with the ones that got away too.

    With the right technology, you can identify when a lapsed customer browses your website. And with this, immediately alert your team and implement a personalized win-back strategy through smart two-way integration.

    Accelerate your existing pipeline

    There are around eight decision-makers involved in every business purchase. And according to Gartner, 90% of B2B buyers twist through the sales funnel, often repeating tasks, so it can take a while to convert a prospect or opportunity into a paying client. Automation helps speed up and streamline this process — alerting your team instantly when a pipeline opportunity is exploring your website and providing behavioral data to enable accurate, personalized, and enriched nurture communications.

    Web Insights is a highly intelligent website visitor automation solution. The software empowers technology and SaaS marketers to boost MQLs and SQLs through super-smart automation and integration capabilities.

    It seamlessly integrates with your existing mar-tech stack or CRM; you can even route leads and opportunities directly to a stakeholder across your business. It allows you to add contacts to workflows for instant communication or nurture. And turn website visitors into leads at every stage of the funnel for ultimate business success.

    Generate MQLs and SQLs, engage in real-time, close more business than ever before, and accelerate business success with Web Insights. 

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