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    B2B tech and SaaS marketing: best practices for 2021

    November 26, 2020 | 5 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    Technology and SaaS businesses and subsequently, their marketing teams, are in a time of great change. The industry is evolving — there’s an increasing demand for digital transformation; the 5G revolution is on the horizon; a clear cultural shift has altered the way businesses are working, and customer expectations are at an all-time high.

    If the events of 2020 have taught us anything, it’s that B2B marketers need to always be prepared for the unexpected — and be agile enough to adapt to quickly changing circumstances. It’s time to develop a foolproof B2B tech and SaaS marketing strategy for next year with these best practices.

    Advance your tech strategy

    Be prepared for a growing demand for real-time engagement, rich media, and instant information. Marketers should be delivering and creating content that is digestible, quick to view, and not heavily reliant on connectivity requirements. Plus, with 5G uptake increasing and the ease at which we can now access information, marketers must ensure their content delivers — and, at the same time, drives traffic to your website and generates those valuable leads.

    Your business is open 24/7 through your website, your online presence, and powerful engagement technology like AI and Live Chat. And, the world is now digital-first; start with your website, use this crucial platform to drive results, drive loyalty and boost MQLs.

    Enterprise businesses that see high quantities of website traffic should look to harness the powerful insight that can be retrieved from website visitors. Start by embracing tech that not only ramps up MQLs and helps you hit those targets, but improves communication between departments and removes silos. Then shift your focus on how and what your customers are reading and viewing. Take that insight, add real-time engagement, produce rich media content, and convert or nurture through powerful marketing automation.

    Your website is a world of untapped opportunities; and armed with the right solution, you can capture insight and gain maximum return from every opportunity, visitor, and marketing tactic.

    Prepare for increased digital purchasing demand

    According to a report by PROS, as many as 37% businesses are primarily purchasing via digital channels — predicted to rise to as high as 40% post-pandemic. However, the same report found that only a third of buyers felt vendors were prepared for digital purchasing — with challenges including slow responses, inconsistent pricing and a lack of transparency.

    In 2021, tech and SaaS marketers should expect this demand for digital transactions to grow — and to stay ahead of your competitors, you’ll need to combat these challenges to deliver a seamless, simple customer experience, increase on-site conversions and maximize the potential of your website.

    Embrace video marketing

    Videos make for extremely human, digestible, shareable and educational assets for any organization — so your marketing team should be harnessing their power to spread your messages far and wide, cater to the needs of the modern-day B2B buyer, and boost engagement on your website and social channels.

    Start with video demonstrations of your products and services, provide viewers with an inside look at your teams and processes, and get more creative as you identify what your audience best responds to. If you have hordes of existing, evergreen content, like blog posts and whitepapers — there are a number of available, digital tools to help you quickly and easily transform the pieces into video content.

    Enrich your strategy with advanced data and analytics

    In 2021, marketers should treat customized communications and experiences as the norm. But how can Enterprise organizations that serve multiple industries harness the power of personalization?

    It’s simpler than it sounds — and its success lies in accurate data, website analytics, behavioral insight and seamless segmentation. Conduct high-level research into your various audiences, their wants and needs, and the key messages they resonate with most. Explore your website analytics to determine the on-site behavior of your visitors and the best performing referrer channels, and create content marketing material, digital roadmaps and online experiences to meet their needs and direct them to the right products on your site.

    Strengthen your business website with automated lead generation

    To increase the ROI from your digital strategy and personalized experiences — and to capture the best quality leads — your website needs to be robust and dynamic.

    Website visitor automation is a seamless way to capture leads directly from your site and automatically route those leads, along with enriched, accurate data, to the right member of your team for immediate action and effective nurture. If you’re planning to increase marketing activity, drive more traffic to your website, and adopt a highly digital approach — transforming high-intent website visitors into engaged leads and, eventually, customers is vital to success in 2021.

    Web Insights cuts out the noise to deliver insight to B2B organizations, precisely where and when it’s required. Our high-end software solution is a world-class business growth enabler, assisting brands to become more efficient and effective, capitalizing on every website opportunity in real-time.

    The technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes them to the relevant person within your business — the ultimate solution for marketers looking to optimize lead generation, embrace automation, and do so without disrupting busy, high-performing enterprise teams. Automated, intelligent lead generation, immediate website visitor insight and seamless integration — every time.

    Meet the author

    Rachel Dettmer

    Content Marketing Manager

    Rachel has over seven years of corporate and award-winning agency experience in marketing and content creation across multiple sectors.