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    Personalized, real-time communications at scale

    February 19, 2021 | 4 minutes

    Brought to you by, Rachel Dettmer

    In this era of remote work, digitization, and the transition to working, selling and buying entirely online, a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing communications is no longer effective. To succeed, compete and ultimately thrive, personalized experiences, delivered to the right person, at just the right time, are vital.

    According to Retail TouchPoints, more than a third of buyers say retailers need to do more to offer personalized experiences. And, Statista reports that as many as 90% of US consumers find marketing personalization appealing. So, as B2B tech and SaaS marketers, what can we do to ensure customers, prospects and first-time website visitors receive a bespoke, timely experience?

    The hyper-personalization revolution

    “To me, the future is personalization.” – Marissa Mayer, businesswoman

    By now, you should be familiar with personalization. In fact, you should be good at it; from using customer and prospect names in your communications to leveraging location data. But, what about ‘hyper-personalization’: the most granular, effective and bespoke marketing approach. With intelligent technology working seamlessly in the background, marketers can create and display tailored experiences for their audience, in real-time and at scale. Through automation software, website visitors at every stage of the pipeline can be fed relevant recommendations, content, and communications, all thanks to analytics and behavioral insight. Deliver advanced customer and prospect experiences, yield better results, and maximize marketing ROI.

    Data is key

    “Data will talk if you’re willing to listen.” – Jim Bergeson, Division Vice President, BI Worldwide

    Enriched, accurate data can unlock a world of opportunities for B2B tech and SaaS marketers. Whether you gate your content, purchase third party data, or have your own database for lead generation and nurture, high-quality data is at the very root of all marketing success. Accurate contact details, location data, behavioral intel, demographic and firmographic insights — all of this valuable information works to enable personalization, boost customer experience, and ultimately improve your brand reputation as a whole. Reduce the clutter customers and prospects are too often subjected to, and instead provide them with a simple and highly relevant experience. And remember, pair your data with intelligent software to deliver these experiences and communications instantly and real-time.

    Real-time engagement and instant communications

    In 2021, there is no excuse for your inquiry to contact time to be less than hyperfast. Today, marketers have the chance to engage with leads in seconds — increasing the chance of conversion, eliminating the chance of lost leads, and giving your team a head start against competitors that your leads are also in conversations with. In fact, with intelligent website visitor automation software, marketers are empowered to be proactive — not just reactive.

    Web Insights, for example, identifies your website visitors in real-time, and delivers them to the most relevant person, place or department within your team for instant contact (even if they don’t make an inquiry). The software can tell whether the visitor is a new opportunity, lead-in-play, customer or lapsed opportunity, so communications can be tailored accordingly. And, paired with enriched firmographic, contact and behavioral, your team has everything they need to reach out.

    Connect with brand new customers. Amplify existing customer experience. Re-engage with lapsed customers and pipeline.

    Web Insights cuts out the noise to deliver insight to B2B organizations, precisely where and when it’s required. Our high-end software solution is a world-class business growth enabler, assisting brands to become more efficient and effective, capitalizing on every website opportunity in real-time.

    The technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes them to the relevant person within your business — the ultimate solution for marketers looking to optimize lead generation, embrace automation, and do so without disrupting busy, high-performing enterprise teams. Automated, intelligent lead generation, immediate website visitor insight and seamless integration — every time.

    Meet the author

    Rachel Dettmer

    Content Marketing Manager

    Rachel has over seven years of corporate and award-winning agency experience in marketing and content creation across multiple sectors.