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    Web Insights increases flow of new leads for Cosworth

    January 27, 2021 | 3 minutes

    Brought to you by, Sian Cooper

    Until the 1980s, Ferrari and Cosworth were the main Formula 1 players; and Cosworth’s reputation was built on making powerful engines. Today, and since Ford purchased them, Cosworth sits at the forefront of propulsion, hybridization, connectivity, and automation technologies. The company’s focus shifted to mainstream and high-performance automotive, aerospace, and marine.

    Cosworth looked to expand its commercial operations. With the help of Web Insights, the team can understand who is visiting the website, and capture every inquiry, lead or opportunity in real-time.

    “Working with brands like Aston Martin and Red Bull on a new hypercar, and supplying Formula 1 teams with their engines, means Cosworth has to adopt slick, robust solutions into its tech stack and approach new and existing opportunities in a considered but quick way. The seamless integration that Web Insights provides enables all of that and more.” — Richard Sammut, Key Account Manager

    Cosworth uses Web Insights to create bespoke workflows, focusing chiefly on new and repeat business opportunity Use Cases. Web Insights seamlessly integrates directly into Cosworth’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing real-time data to the sales team, enabling the team to react quickly when a new prospect or existing customer visits the website.. Due to a high average order value and long sales cycle, every visit to the website is extremely valuable. The intelligent data gathered from Web Insights allows the sales team to personalize interactions, ensuring they are always relevant and with the right person.

    The company set objectives early on to generate more opportunities for the sales team, including new business and existing customer cross-sell and upsell. Cosworth has seen an increase in opportunities across both areas as a result of using Web Insights. The solution’s smart integration into the company’s CRM and martech stack, means it automatically routes inquiries, MQLs, and SQLs to the team, ready for action. Ultimately,  Web Insights increases the flow of new leads into the company’s sales pipeline.

    “The Web Insights team worked with us to integrate the tools with our existing CRM system, providing the functionality we were looking for. Engagement after the integration was also very good, as that helped us to find a routine for incorporating the flow of new leads into our pipeline.” — Richard Sammut, Key Account Manager

    Web Insights is a highly advanced website visitor automation solution that empowers technology and SaaS marketers to harness the power and potential of their website data. Using intelligent automation algorithms, the solution seamlessly routes website visitor intel across the business and integrates with any CRM system or marketing technology stack for nurture, while simultaneously identifying whether they are a lead, existing customer, or lapsed customer.

    The powerful solution integrates with all martech automation and CRM platforms, enabling B2B marketers to shorten sales cycles, create outstanding customer journeys, manage data, set up stakeholder alerts, and capitalize on every lead, every opportunity, and prospect – in real-time.

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